Yesterday's Nut

        When I was in college, my esteemed English professor read an essay written by one of her students aloud to the


class. Though she did not mention the author's name, I immediately recognized my words.


        Panic set in.


        As the minutes ticked by like hours, I slouched in my seat, with pounding heart and sweating palms. Finally,


she finished. I let out a sigh of relief and waited for her words of criticism. 


        Surprisingly, she began by saying, "This writer has the potential to be a great author."


        What? I couldn't believe my ears.


        I was shy.




        Preferred nature to people.


        Who would want to read my words? And so, I filed her praise in my memory and moved forward along the


expected path. It took three decades, but finally, at the age of fifty, I stepped off the expected path and began to pursue


my passion -- writing for children. 


        Armed with my mantra: "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground," and Oprah's wise words


"Do what you love, the rest will come," I battled raised eyebrows, rejections, and my own crippling doubts.


        This week, four-plus years later, a manuscript I wrote won FIRST PLACE in Rate Your Story's writing




        And so, I say to you: You will never know what you can give to the world until you try.








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