After days and days of dreary drizzle, the bluest of a blue sky dazzled against the glistening golds . . .


and cinnamon swirls of autumn. 

I walked with my sparkly-eyed dog to the creek to visit an old friend.


Leaning into the familiar embrace of the towering oak behind me, I took a deep settling breath, closed my eyes, and listened.


Gurgles from the creek, unnoticed upon my arrival, became loud. 


Thunk. An acorn fell.


 Jeer. Jeer. Jeer. A jay scolded as my dog splashed, startling a wood duck.


Ooeek. Ooeek. A flutter of wings.



Feeebeee . . . . . Feeebeee. A chickadee serenely sang, sending a joyful ache through my brimming heart.

 The leaves above me rustled on a bouncy breeze. I opened my eyes and gazed into the canopy of russet and green dancing with the blue beyond. The rustling surged.


"Are you trying to tell me something?" I asked.


"Love," it whispered, "with no expectations. It is the only way." 

 Have a glorious day.




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