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Julia loves wild birds and enjoys identifying them by their songs.
Julia is friends with a peacock named Chester. He comes for tea and begs for cookies.

When Julia was young, she won a headstand contest at school. She stood on her head for 5 minutes! 

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Interesting Facts About the Author:

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Julia is not done dreaming. One day she hopes to publish a middle grade story. She also hopes to return to beautiful Prince Edward Island, her favorite vacation spot. 
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Julia would  like to be a butterfly
and sip from scented 
Julia enjoys hiking with her dog named Hope.
Julia's favorite color is spring green. Her favorite foods are ice cream and dark chocolate.
A big truck moved Julia's house to a hillside overlooking a pond. Moving a house is a lot like getting published. Julia's house is now painted blue like the sky.
Julia enjoys bike riding and nature photography. She took most of the photographs on this website.
Julia is married with four children and two adorable grandchildren.
She appreciates the earth in all of its seasons and is dedicated to caring for it.

Thank you for your visit!
Julia grew up on a farm in Michigan. She was the oldest of six children and loved to run barefoot.
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