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School Visits 

Sharing my writing journey with children is one of the most important things I do as an author. When I was young, I was in the lowest reading group and wrote every letter upside down and backwards. Thanks to dedicated teachers I overcame a severe case of dyslexia. My story to publication not only encourages children to write it also inspires them to believe in their dreams.


During my presentation, I discuss the difficulties I had as a young child learning to read and write and how that eventually developed into a love of reading and a passion for writing. I share the process of becoming a published author, along with its challenges and joys. I talk about why it’s important to read and how we all have a story to tell. My goal is for students — even the most struggling of students — to think of themselves as writers and get excited about reading.


I do an interactive one-hour presentation with time allowed for questions. I prefer smaller groups (1-2 classrooms) vs. large all-school assemblies. This allows a more intimate setting to interact with students individually. I do a maximum of two presentations per day or three if there is a short break between.


Here is a link that discusses the benefits of an author visit for students.


I would love to visit your school. To learn more, including honorarium and available dates, please contact me here



Testimonials from teachers:

"It was so impactful for students to learn about your perseverance and how you didn’t let being dyslexic or rejection stop you from accomplishing your goals and reaching your dreams. Having students openly and proudly share that they are dyslexic was one of the most endearing moments that I have witnessed as a teacher. I teared up a little. Celebrating our differences instead of being ashamed of them. It was a beautiful moment to see."  Jefferson Matthews, 2nd grade teacher, UPLIFT MICHIGAN ONLINE SCHOOL


“We loved having Julia Richardson visit our classroom and share her story with our class. Her story of overcoming difficulties and disappointment was inspiring to hear. Students were engaged from start to finish. I would highly recommend!” L. Simonds, 3rd grade teacher, MATTAWAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS

“I enjoyed having Julia read and engage with my students. The presentation was funny, engaging, encouraging and heartfelt. My students were giggling, smiling and thinking throughout.” K. Hopkins, Kindergarten teacher, KENTWOOD PUBLIC SCHOOLS 

Testimonials from students:

“I thought it was just a normal visit but you changed my life. When I heard you say how hard it was it made me happy to write. It helped me and I loved your story.” 3rd grade student

“Thank you for reading your book to us. It was shoking to here the story abot how you strugld when you were a kid. Plese come next friday. We all loved the book. We all want you to come tomorow and read to us evre friday.” 3rd grade student

“I loved that book you read and I like the cover on the book. I felt like a seed flying in the sky. I felt happy that you were with us. Thank you so much for reading to us.” 3rd grade student

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