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This is me, Julia Richardson. A few years back, Oprah changed my life. She said, "Do what you love, the rest will come." So, at the age of 50, with a vague recollection of comma placement, I began writing for children. Now, I can say with joy and conviction: I am a WRITER!! Always remember: Do what you love.

This is my house. It was built a long time ago in 1865. My husband and I had it moved to a hillside overlooking a pond. Today, the house is blue, like the sky, and it is surrounded by blooms. Hollyhocks and zinnias and bachelor buttons are a few of my favorites. I am lucky to live here surrounded by family and the beauty of nature. 
Made from tinfoil, wood, clay, and, of course, string, these are a few of my handmade marionettes. I LOVE marionette theater and have been performing for children since the age of 13. Writing marionette plays triggered my interest in writing books for children.When I was a child, I had a beloved pet crow. I made this marionette crow, and named him Cracker, in honor of my old pet. Cracker is my favorite marionette. He has mischief in his eyes. 
This is my puppy, Hope. She, too, has mischief in her eyes. Now, she is grown . . . the mischief continues.
This is my neighbor, 
He visits 
daily and begs for mealy worms. I don't mind.We're good friends. 
Hope enjoys his visits, as well. Though Hope tries, she has never caught him.
Proud Mama of two sons, one step-daughter, and one step-son, I am happily married. Many of my best friends have wings. I LOVE birds and know them not only by their look, but also by their song. When I struggle to write, I walk the trails. Nature is full of ideas.
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